About Slip-up

More and more people are using social media platforms but it is very easy to forget that as soon as the post, like, tweet or share button is pressed, they actually have very little control over how people are going to respond to the content. An offended or disgruntled person is able to take legal action against the person who posted the content and that can cost thousands of rands in legal fees and even awards made by a court. Slip-up was created to provide some comfort to social media users so that if they inadvertently post something defamatory, they actually have the resources to defend themselves, or pay the damages. The product is marketed through Surestart Online Financial Services (a licensed intermediary FSP No. 47233) The product is underwritten by Stalker Hutchison Admiral (Pty) Ltd (SHA) on behalf of Santam Limited. SHA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Santam.